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Bahia Mar Marina Bahia Mar Marina
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Full service marina: Bahia Mar is Florida's largest marina offering the yachtsman and visitor a wide array of services and commercial outlets. Located across from Ft. Lauderdale's famous beach, Bahia Mar is on the site of an original Indian civilization. During the Civil War, the site was occupied by the US Army, (Northern Troops) as a stronghold for the effort. At the time Brandy Marine managed (1988-1991) this marina included the most linear feet of any such property in the state of Florida. 


Highlights of Operations:

Under our management, Bahia Mar Marina increased occupancy by nearly 40%. Hurricane Hugo had hit South Carolina and closed the Intracoastal Waterway. The perception of Northern boaters was that their path to the South and available dockage would be blocked. Brandy initiated a unique direct selling approach by sending representatives to meet at yacht clubs and other Northern marinas to sign contracts at a discount and to reassure boaters that the waterway was open.

Additionally, Brandy improved operating income by managing slip vessel length charges, using unique direct sales marketing programs; improved fuel margins from 9% to over 19% by better tracking of fuel deliveries and recognizing driver shortages; improving service while cutting operating expenses in the areas of payroll, liability insurance and utilities. Instituted a Brandy safety program on video tape for employees for fire protection which won the award of the Florida State Fire Marshall's Council; Recognized by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as the first "environmental award" for a marina because of our procedures in fuel handling and delivery care.

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"Setting International Marina Standards Since 1977!"

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